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Magnetic Braces & Sleeves

I came across something interesting today – I have a patient that has had shoulder pain for which injections, medications, therapy, and surgery have not helped. He had become quite frustrated with his lack of improvement. Today he reported that his pain is gone! He got a magnetic shoulder sleeve, which he says has taken away his pain completely!


This made me wonder....do these braces work and if so, how? So I did a quick search. Below is what the various companies / websites say about these types of braces / sleeves:

Magnetic sleeves can be used for any type of injury / problem, including arthritis. As far as how they work – supposedly they capture and retain the natural heat that is produced by your body. They also help to relax the capillary walls, which in turn helps to increase blood circulation.

Increased blood circulation can reportedly benefit your knee in several ways. Better circulation helps to reduce swelling, relieve stiffness, and lessen pain. Both warmth and increased blood circulation helps to loosen tightened muscles and promote relaxation. All of this aids in the healing process.


I could not find any scientific study to back what the sites said, only anecdotal proof. So I cannot say whether they truly work and if so, how, BUT I can say that it is helping my shoulder patient. So for those of you with pain from shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, ankle sprains, and even arthritis, maybe this is an option. I don't seen any downside and in the meantime I will continue to look for some scientific evidence.


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