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NFL Lockout and Injuries

For those of you into football and the NFL, there MAY be some light at the end of the tunnel…on Mike and Mike this morning, there was a report that both sides are now into negotiating mode, meaning that there has finally been some progress. Early indication is that by sometime in July the lockout may be over – I am not holding my breath, but hopefully it ends soon.


As many of you know my partners and I help take care of the Arizona Cardinals and I have been thinking that with the inability of players to workout at their respective training facilities, rehab with training staff, and get their routine orthopedic evaluations, there will possibly be a higher rate / risk of injury this season, particularly early on.


I doubt there was a sense of urgency for the players, thinking the situation would work itself out soon – unfortunately it has not and I imagine a lot of the guys weigh more than their playing weight, and have possibly not been conditioning in the same manner that they would have been during a routine offseason.

Yahoo Sports (http://goo.gl/ay2xz) wrote about this a few days ago, giving an example of one player being 70 pounds over his playing weight!

I think this is going to lead to more medical and orthopedic problems, from heat exhaustion to ankle sprains, and severely limiting bone contusions to things like ACL tears and meniscus tears, unfortunately.


Lets hope the lockout ends soon and that the injury rate does not increase.


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