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Vitamin D levels linked to muscle injury

At the recent American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) meeting in San Diego, a study was presented linking vitamin D levels to muscle injury.


Specifically, the study identified lack of vitamin D being related to an increased chance of muscle injury in NFL football players. 89 players from a single team were identified as being players that sustained muscle injuries, lost playing time, and had low vitamin D levels. Interestingly, the mean vitamin D level in African American players (20.4 ng/mL) was lower than that for white players (30.3 ng/mL). Values within normal limits were those >32ng/mL.


Screening and treatment of vitamin D insufficiency in professional athletes may be a simple way to help prevent injuries, according to Dr Scott Rodeo.This study may prompt me to obtain vitamin D levels in patients who have recurrent muscle injuries.


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