Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction

ACL reconstruction surgery is performed arthroscopically and on an outpatient basis. I prefer using autograft (tissue harvested from the patient) rather then allograft (from cadaver). In my opinion, autograft provides better reconstruction with superior long term results and lower ACL re-injury rates. Some recent literature indicates higher failure rate (10-25%) when using allograft tissue combined with aggressive rehabilitation programs in patients less than 25 years of age. I prefer hamstring autograft with aperture fixation using the Cayenne Aperfix or cortical fixation using an Endobutton on the femoral side and a sheath / screw construct (Exoshape) on the tibial side. On occasion I will use allograft in a patient over 25 years of age; however they need to be willing to stay out of aggressive or competitive sports for a full year, thus allowing the allograft ample time to heal (even with this cautious approach there are spontaneous allograft resorptions as the cause of failure of ACL reconstruction). I will sometimes use allografts if reconstructing multiple ligaments.


Any surgical procedure has possible risks and complications. Surgeons make every effort to minimize them. They include:



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