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In January of 2009 I fell and fractured several toes on my left foot and tore the ACL in my right knee in half. Due to work scheduling and health issues I delayed my surgery for several months. When I met with Dr. Amit I was impressed with his straightforward approach to my injury. You see I am also a diabetic. My diabetes was not well controlled at the time. Dr. Amit challenged me to get my blood sugars regulated, and then we would do the surgery. well I did what Dr. Amit asked and I had the surgery during the first week of October. From start to finish, every detail of the surgery was well explained and I went in with total confidence in Dr. Amit. The surgery went perfectly (not that I remember any of it). The follow up care that I recieved was first class. Dr. Amit perscribed a Breg "Kodiak" Polar Care injury cooling sleeve system to reduce inflamation around my knee. The Breg "Kodiak" sleeve greatly reduced my swelling and discomfort in the two weeks after my surgery. As a diabetic, any inflamation is an extremely serious matter, and can lead to very serious complications nd even amputation. The Kodiak cooler really helped me to keep the inflamation down and it allowed me to reduce the amount of pain meds I have been taking. I think that every patient should get one of these amazing little Kodiak units to help them after surgery. My physical therapy is going really well, I am seeing Andy Moriarty, my physical therapist at Foothills Sports Medicine. Every session with Andy is great because he puts so much positive energy into your recovery. If you are injured and require surgery I can think of no finer surgeon than Dr. Amit Sahasrabudhe at ASMC to do your surgery. Have Dr. Amit do your surgery, get a "Kodiak" unit to control your inflamation, then go see Andy at Foothills Sports Medicine. You'll be on your feet again in no time.

- Glenn S.


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