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Rotator Cuff Surgery & Recovery

(July 2012 – Jan 2013)


"I am a very active 53 years old woman. I love to waterski, play racquetball, motorcycle ride and regularly work out. I hurt my shoulder during one of my workout sessions doing bicep dips. (I heard the tear and knew that was not going to be good)


In July 2012, Dr Amit operated on my right shoulder for a full thickness rotator cuff tear. I was really bummed that I was going to be restricted from doing the things I love for 4-6 months, but thought that recovery through the hot AZ summer would be manageable. As it turns out, my recovery was amazing and faster than expected.


The immediate surgery recovery was definitely the worst pain that I have ever had. Thank goodness for the nerve block that allowed for the 1st night with tolerable pain (and a good night’s rest), but the next couple of days were awful! Thank goodness for pain meds, but it was still pretty bad. Dr Amit was not kidding about how bad it would be. Luckily, I was off the majority of the pain meds by the 5th day mark and the only occasionally if I had a particularly hard workout at PT.


On day 3, Dr Amit said I had to start Physical therapy. This terrified me, but it turned out fine. I basically had an arm that I could not move on my own. This was so weird for me and took a few weeks before my arm would move when I wanted it to (Dr Amit was happy when I told him I reached up to grab a laundry basket with my right arm at 3 weeks, even though it hurt like crazy). I started doing PT 3 days a week and my therapist helped me to get my range of motion back. It was laborious and I had exercises to do at home too which helped increase my range of motion and build up my strength a bit. For those 1st 6 weeks, I followed Dr Amit’s instructions about wearing my sling day and night and no activity besides PT and at home PT exercises.

At the 6 week mark, Dr Amit allowed me to take off the sling and use my arm for regular daily functions, but no heavy lifting (Yeah, like I even could have, LOL) At this point of my recovery, Dr Amit allowed me to use my own pain level to be my guide to how far I should push myself. Basically that it would be painful, but as long as the pain wasn’t sharp or lasting for days, that it was OK.


In the online blogs I read about rotator cuff surgery recovery. I learned the people who I read about that had successful recoveries, pushed through the pain and didn’t let the pain stop them since it was not long lasting, therefore I chose to combine that concept and Dr Amit’s advice about the pain as my guide to recovery. The last thing I wanted to be was sedimentary so I started doing Yoga at my local gym. That was an awesome way to stretch and get back to doing some of what I love. In addition to PT, Yoga was extremely therapeutic. I never realized how much Down Dog and child position puts that much stretch your shoulders! Yeah, I have a completely new respect for those basic moves now.


At 3 months, I started playing ping pong. It took a bit to get used to using my arm again and getting the reach down, but it was another way to stretch out the muscles that just a few short months before I had no control over. Man, did this feel good! I also reduced my PT to 2 days a week by this time, but kept it up as it was improving my range of motion, but I was quickly getting stronger than my therapist expected.


At the 4 month mark, I started playing racquetball. Needless to say it was difficult and at times pretty painful for a few seconds, but it didn’t last. I had to change my game to accommodate for my limited overhand reach and lack of strength, but that was ok. I was back on the court again and loving getting my cardio in again. I even tried going back to doing some pushups and weight lifting, but chose to wait a little longer since it caused some extended soreness.


It has now been 6 months since my surgery and I am completely free of any restrictions, playing racquetball 3-4 times a week and rarely even notice that I have had surgery. I have probably 98% range of motion (still a little tight when reaching behind my back like hooking a bra) and am still working on getting stronger.


I want to thank Dr Amit for allowing me to use common sense and allowing me to listen to my body to assist in my recover rather than putting a lot of restrictions on me after the initial 6 week recovery. He and his staff (Robin) did an awesome job in preparing me for the surgery and being honest and up front about the benefits and downsides of the procedure and recovery. I would recommend Dr Amit and Arizona Sports Medicine Center to my friends, business colleagues and family if they ever need this type of assistance."

- Laurie S.


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